Publishing A Story - How Many Episodes?

I’ve written the first 3 episodes of my story, but I feel that it is too early to publish. How many episodes is a good amount to have when you first publish a story?

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There are a lot of good stories that start up with at least 4 episodes, and upload one episode each month. I would recommend publishing the 3 episodes first then working on the 4 and 5 to upload next month. This could put your story more out there, because publishing itself isn’t good enough, getting your story popular is the way to start.

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Publishing just 3 episodes can be seen as too early to some. I personally like to finish the story or be at least halfway done before I publish. But, that’s just me! :laughing: How often do you write each episode? Do you have a plan in place for your story? Do you know how it ends?

If you have the basic outline and know your story’s on track, then you can feel comfortable publishing at 3 episodes.

As many as you want. 3 is good to publish with!! Id love to read it!!

Haha 3 is good tho too cause alot of people do. But its honestly up to all of you about when your ready to publish. Im going to publish mine when i complete my 3rd chapter. Whats your story ill read it and ill tell you what mine is so u can read it after I publish :slight_smile:

I’m definitely not the quickest writer :confounded: I think I’m going to have to write more first.

LOL coming back to this thread… currently writing episode 6, but with school and stuff I’m not as active as I’d like to be. Especially in June when I have exams, it’s going to be difficult to write. I haven’t planned the whole story out yet, so I don’t really know what to expect. Any ideas on publishing dates or episode amounts??