Publishing+creating stories on mobile

I think they should add where we can both publish and create stories on mobile. It can get frustrating for us people who don’t have laptops or PC’s. It’d also be nice if they added more clothing, actions etc on mobile.

                                 That's it!


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Yeah you are right…
As mobile creations are easy to do when you are new to writing so adding more animations and clothing would be great…
Because I know when I started writing I decided to do it on phone first as its a easy way to start but then after I saw less animations and clothing options I turned to the web creations…
But then I realize that both are the same just you have to write a lot in the pc as compared in the phone and I like that as nobody want the story they view to be short…
Because it can be very frustrating.
Sorry if I went off topic…

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It’s okay :ok_hand:

Mobile Creation is the easiest one. And I think more clothes and animals, especially Pets should be added there.

You mean pet overlays should be added

I agree with you all!!!

Really Team Episode should listen to us regarding our ''mobile phone’s creation" plea. :wink:

Hi! If you want to make a suggestion thread you can make those in the Feature Request section. Here are the guidelines for making suggestion threads :slight_smile:

And if you’re ever unsure where posts belong feel free to review this tutorial, it has a lot of info about where to organize posts on the forums! Thanks :v:t2:


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