Publishing HELP

So I recently published 3 chapters to my story and I’m trying to edit the chapters that I published 1st… since I’ve gotten a little better… Help please

you CAN make changes or edit it when u publish it. it isnt a problem.

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but if you want to lock your story then u can. U can remove the lock when you are done making changes to it, that is if you want to lock your story.

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What do I click on to do that

yeah. i locked my story when it was publushed because I wanted to make changes or revamped some chapters to my story which I am currently working on now, but its your decision whether u want to lock your story or not.

but you can STILL make changes to it even if it is published.

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How do I know if the changes have been made

Thank you @lanafrazer_episode

@Jeremy you close Thank you

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Topic closed by OP request. ;D