Publishing on mobile device

I a not allowed to publish on a mobile device which I find to be really uncomfortable :persevere: uneasy :flushed: and annoying I am not talking about the one :point_up: when you actually write the script I am talking about the one :point_up: where ya add characters and chose emotions like free fall not free_fall I would like this matter :eyes: looked in to otherwise the app is really great

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Have a look here to have a both :slight_smile:

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This is so confusing. What if I already started a story on the mobile app and want to transfer it to the writers portal? I’m already to chapter 5, but I need to edit and change some things through the portal. Is that even possible?

Yes, you can carry on writing your story on writers portal. You have to publish from there.

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OK, I started writing my story on Episode’s updated creator (you know the one that’s all cleaned up and looks easy to use). However the updated creator had some restrictions (like you can’t-make your own outfits, limited characterizations, no props or text modifications, etc.), so I continue to edit my story on episode interactive story creator on PC (the one that’s all coding and has more options). After adding some stuff, I went back to the mobile app to see a preview of my story and the newly updated creator mod reverted back to the old one (which was way worse to work with). I had been trying to fix this, but I don’t even know where to start.

What I’m saying is, I have no idea how hard you guys work and do not mean to offend anyone, because I do like the direction you guys are heading with the newly updated editing model (although it has limited options, its very easy to use) and also understand that it is in its early stages (i.e. beta testing). But hopefully, you guys see my complaint and not only fix this bug but also improve on your editing template on both the PC and mobile.

Please and Thank You,

Ummmm… not to be rude, but if you publish on the website you can still edit it on the app.

Can you? I remember when I helped one of my friends to publish a story from the portal and she couldn’t carry on writing on mobile after it. Maybe it changed, can you please confirm it.

I once made a story on the episode app then I published it on the website. It only won’t let you edit it if you make changes to the script on the website

Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

As long as you don’t edit the script on the writers portal you can still edit it in the app even if you publish it.

I do know that I didn’t know you can still edit after publishing as my friend couldn’t before. Thanks for the info.

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I want to know too I already have my story I don’t want to start a new one the writers portal I’m on my mobile phone and it keeps saying create new story well I just want to know how do I transfer the story I have already made to writers portal to publish I don’t need to edit it as i continuously edit I am more than 100% happy with it there are no errors everything has been checked

Okay… firstly, where did you write your story on?

the episode app

And you know the one online right? The Episode interactive?
All your stories will be there, from the episode app as well (use the same account by the way)
image For example, light blue is the episode app stories and dark blue is the online one.

Click on your story and just copy everything.
Make a new story online, and remake all the characters you have in the story as well.
Then paste the script inside!
That’s kinda how you do it.

than you but I finally figured it out haha the first 3 chapters were just published after I madly edited them again :slight_smile:

Cool! What’s it called? :grin::unicorn:

Clashing with you I don’t have a photo of it yet :frowning:

Well I’m about to read it anyway :slight_smile: :unicorn:

I really hope you enjoy it if there is mistakes or if something doesn’t make sense please please tell me I’ve edited as much as I can so it makes 100% sense :slight_smile: