Publishing the date a story was created


My favorites are full of incomplete stories. Stories that were started months ago and haven’t had any new chapters added since. If an author publishes on their information page when the story was published readers could gauge whether or not they abandoned the story. I don’t buy gems or passes to blitz because there’s no way I’m paying when a story is never going to be finished or is going to be finished 2 years from now. I personally think someone should be paid to wrap up old stories in a chapter or three instead of just leaving them out there like that. Also, all finished stories ought to be listed as complete.


There’s an option to add a;
“More Episodes coming soon.”
“Story is Complete”
Whichever option is below the story should be a sign that the story is either on hold, completed, or updates are coming soon.


Even with the “episodes coming soon” some authors will update within 6 months with no type of notice…


They need to add “More episodes coming, but not soon”


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oh tru
that’s how I got hooked on a 6 chapter story that hadn’t been updated since 2016. the only way I found that out was thru ig




Yes, there are options. Does everybody use them? No. Those options are only useful if they’re used consistently. I’m all for a built in feature that indicates if a story hasn’t been updated within 30 to 60 days. Some of us don’t like reading abandoned stories.