Punk rock or not?

Hey guys I love the early 2000’s when punk rock was everywhere! Anyone else? If any one lsd agrees, who is your favorite/ favorites punk rock artist. Mine is the queen her self, AVRIL LAVIGNE!!!


He was a sk8ter boooooy

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She said she ya l8ter boi

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Hey! Hey! You! You! I know that you like me!

Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated

When you’re gooooone

So much for my happy ending

Everything’s CHANGING! When I turn around… all ot of my control I a mobile.

Come, come, little kitty, you’re so pretty pretty

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Did you think that it was something I was gonna ddooooo and cry

I with yooooouuuu

That was sooo good

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God keep my head, above water!

I love her new song

Love Avril but would def call her pop punk. Similar to the days of good ol’ Blink-182. But yeah I LOVE all types of punk music :slight_smile:


(I didn’t call her pop punk because punk artists got offended by being called that)

They can get offended all they want but it’s an actual sub genre of the punk scene.

OOOOOO now you got me wanting to list the punk bands I listen to :smiley:

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And I have a question. On some people’s names it says “episode community member” what does that mean


Those are members who were with us during the transition from the old forums to the new ones.

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