Punk/Rock/Screamo Music Talk

Hey, I’m new here. I just found this thing out a few days ago. I love MUSIC! I am an emo… Don’t judge me please… Here you just mention a band of the above genres and see if anyone else agrees.


Hey! :slightly_smiling_face: I like punk rock, skate punk, pop punk. Here are some of my favorite bands/songs: The Offspring, Sum 41, Green Day, Good Charlotte.

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Those bands are all good, I’m literally listening to all of them in a playlist. Currently listening to Anthem by Good Charlotte. Lol. I didn’t expect anyone to reply to this post. Thanks :grin:.

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I recently discovered industrial music and I LOVE it. I would suggest you Hatari, they’re an icelandic band but their songs all have deep meanings

I’ve never heard them, but I’ll see about checking them out. Thanks!:grin:

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