"Purple Lavender" Shorts displaying in wrong color


So this character is wearing “Nauticalshortsropebelt Purple Lavender,” but when I preview the chapter, they display as grey. I’m not using a filter, and as you can see, everything else looks the the way you might expect. The shorts look normal in the portal, and there are no “nautical shorts” in grey, so I’m not sure why it’s showing up like this.

I actually searched the forums and found this old thread below, closed with no resolution. So it’s not JUST me, but I’m guessing the clothing item isn’t popular enough for people to have noticed. Or maybe it displays OK after publication?



I have this problem on the previewer in the writer portal, but it looks normal when I go to the app so I don’t know what the problem is here. Hope you figure it out

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Oddly enough, it was always the orange pair of the shorts that displayed incorrectly for me. But anyway, let’s hope this gets fixed soon.

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I’d recommend submitting a help ticket for that, since it sounds like a glitch. :wink:

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