Hi everyone, I am doing this thread as I want to help you in getting done your art. So first of all I only DRAW ART COVERS AND ART SCENES ,OUTROS/INTROS. I do both LL and ink style :smile::smile:. So information I will need is character details, style (LL, INK), clothes( with the name), pose, background, extra if needed,art scenes or cover and if story cover then story name and author name . When I will accept your request I will send you this e38ad60e04b5077178e84bfd6b2cb9a68cbc7365_2_690x227 and when done then will send you in messages itself . I DO NOT WANT ANY KIND OF HURRY OR ANY OFF TOPIC DISCUSSION AND DO NOT REQUEST THE SAME REQUEST IN OTHER THREADS . When art is done I will let you know I will always keep you updated. So here are my examples :-

. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY ART :disappointed::disappointed:. I hope you will like it thank you everyone :smiley::smiley:. Waiting list :-1) @WolfyLover247


Wow this is gorgeous! I’ll email you the details. I love your artwork.

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Sure :smile::smile::smile:

I will get it done till coming Monday.


@iona_does_episode here is the outline how is it :smile::smile:?? Colouring and background will do tomorrow.

Can you tell me is it your story cover or art scene and if story cover then what is the story tittle and author name of the story??? :heart_eyes:

Can I have a blue eye with a gun like in the pupal like getting pointed at them

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Hi ill email you the details

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e38ad60e04b5077178e84bfd6b2cb9a68cbc7365_2_690x227 I will give you for sure don’t worry I will do it for you :smile::smile:

REQUEST COMPLETED :smile::smile:Untitled31 if you want any changes let me know. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Omg thank you!

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if you want any changes let me know :smile::smile:

Oh my god incredible!!!

Wish I didn’t have to be so picky, but would you mind a day beach? And maybe you could have the characters a bit bigger and closer together?

If not it would be really helpful to tell me the software you use so I can do it.

Thanks and sorry :frowning:

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Is this fine​:smile::smile:??

Or this one???

if anything else you want to change then tell me and tell me which one 1st or 2nd??

I don’t want to bother you anymore, so would you mind telling me the software you use so I can do it myself?

Quality is great btw

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Character Details:
Beauty MC

Landon Love Interest


Character Pose:
Anything intimate, Romantic, or Flirty

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