Pushing a character to the wall script code

hey, does anyone have a code where @character1 grabs @character2 waist and pushes her to the wall- its not a kissing scene though…
if that makes sense. its been in quiet a lot of romance stories and that…


They probably do one of the holdwaist animations and the character walks to spot in a number of seconds and can be paired with a shake for some.

It should be easy to recreate.

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Or you use layers example:Layer 1, Layer 2, Layer 3 that works too.

Example @CHARACTER 1 moves to layer… in 0 AND CHARACTER 2 moves to layer … in 0

@zoom on …%

Hope this helped!!

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It’ll be something like (example) @LOLA starts awkward_scratch
@HUNTER starts hold_waistrear AND HUNTER faces (whatever way)

@LOLA walks to spot (the wall) in 0.5
@HUNTER walks to spot (in front of her) in 0.5

And if you want you can add a shake


Thank you, this really helped :white_heart: