Put character details here!

Female bestfriend :innocent:

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Sure I will see, btw does she has an spanish name?

Hey, I just wanted to say that

Xolio isn’t an Italian name. It doesn’t sound realistic at all if the character is supposed to be 100% Italian. Maybe consider changing it to a more realistic one?


Ok thank you!

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You can make one but if you don’t you can name her Kenya

Np, and if you need help with him don’t hesitate to visit our thread > Need help with Italian (:it:) characters? Come here!


Feel free to pick whichever one fits best in your story :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Female Assassin

Feel free to change anything

Mafia male friend

He’s Mexican but feel free to change anything

Credit Instagram @ryder_epii

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Thank you :blob_hearts:

any character you want :slight_smile:

credit: alexandra_episode_

Can you choose please :blob_hearts:

Use can use her as the female best friend of LI

Thank you but Li doesn’t have female bestfriend!

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Nvm I meant mafia friend :feels:

Female assassin? :bomb: :fairy:t2:

The body is


While the dresses are:


LI sister? :blob_sun:

extra: nose stud silver

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Used both!

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alright. female hacker :blush: