Put me in your story?

if anyone wants to put me in your story as the living mother figure friend in ink or limelight I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER.

hair: wavy asymmetrical black, or high coil bun, or other long curly voluminous hair styles
lips: full round ;pink cashmere
nose: round button
face shape: defined diamond
skin tone: copper 7
body type: generic
eyebrows: arched natural; dark black

eyes: upturned bold: taupe or toffee
skin tone: rosewood
eyebrows: seductive arch
mouth: full round: crimson
hair: beachwave or natural curls, black
face shape:oval

character traits: very supportive, trustworthy, introverted, has social anxiety, gives people multiple chances until she’s fed up and cuts them off for good, distances herself when she’s upset, has depressive episodes but is still always there when she’s needed by her friends or significant other. sometimes where’s glasses sometimes not. dresses causal-tomboyish/alt is a huge procrastinator but always gets things done in time. a huge insomniac and barely eats. a huge book worm. randomly switches hairstyles and colors. loves cats and babies. great at giving advice. quick witted. hates drama. loves rainy weather. performing small tasks and gift giving as well as affection for love language.

you can make me pregnant I would love that too. just don’t make my bf/baby daddy ugly i can give you his character details too if you’d like :smile:

reply with the name of your stories if you decide to add me to your book :smirk:


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