Put Search Bar in book Club Section

I’m not sure maybe I’m wrong and it is there, I just don’t have it, but is it possible to put a search bar in the book club section so we could easily find the book club we’re looking for rather than just waiting for it to pop up in the book club list. There are people on that section making duplicate rooms and I feel it’s not giving the chance for the actual new rooms to pop up, if so I think a search bar should be inserted so the person can find the actual book room they’re seaching for.

Here’s Proof:


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Agreed. It also seems like people are seeing different groups as well, which is puzzling to me! We had a spot open and I recommended someone to join however they couldn’t find it despite on and off checking. Eventually, someone else joined. Another issue is that some book clubs you can’t even join-a message pops up telling you that you failed to join. I’m not too sure what’s going on, and why people are seeing different, limited selections of book clubs, or not able to enter some, but this problem of finding the book club you’re looking for definitely needs to be addressed. Having a direct link to the book club would help.

I feel like the book clubs feature has a lot of things they need to work out. I have a list of them and they could go on and on… :thinking:


I don’t know, I originally posted this in the feed back section, but I’m not sure how to make episode actually hear us! People see the flaws of the book club and using it to their advantage, I have a club there and and recently made another because I can’t seem to find the original, but neither one popped back up, so I don’t even know what to do at this point, I just thinking because of the duplicate rooms that’s been made is preventing the other rooms to pop up.
The rooms I have are not duplicate, one is called “All Authors Here” And the other is “ChitCHat” I’m just going to continue writing my stories, I just feel it’s pointless!


Yh, my friend has duplicate groups popping up, and there were these 2 groups (differently named) with the same exact description. She wasn’t able to join any though :joy: I feel so bad for you guys, it’s frustrating and every time u log out of the app or delete it, it is still there, haunting you, no matter what :sob:

It seems more like a glitch on Episode’s part that some people are experiencing this :thinking: u could always try sending a ticket :sweat_smile:


I’m over it!!! Everyone else can have fun with that, thanks anyway though! :blush:

bump because I think there should be one


Yeah we need a search bar for book club, it would make it easier to find the book club you’re looking for, I have my own book club and I had 25 in the club a few weeks ago, until we booted a few who weren’t participating to earning points now I have only 12 members since those people were booted seemingly because so many people are creating their own book clubs with same or similar names as other book clubs making it harder for other book clubs to be seen whether they’re new or older with room for new members…