Putting characters inside things


I was wondering for Bad Boy Bachelor 2 they show the hot tub and the characters are in the tub, how do you put them in there. I try moving them to zones, but after zone three, they just disappear. Also, are there any bed backgrounds that have covers that characters can get under?


They are overlays


You need to have a bg with an overlay in it (I’m not sure if anything like that exists, though, because I haven’t tried that) OR, something that I’m personally doing, is creating overlays from backgrounds. That has some work with it, but it’s actually not THAT hard. It all depends on what you want for the end result.

You can go to the Art Catalog, search for the BG that you want the overlay to be in, then click on it, right click on the image, and save it as or copy it. If you copy it, paste it into paint or whatever and crop it, if you save it, then open it up in paint. Now, this is the tricky part.

If you were to just cut out a certain part or the picture (say, the tub) then you would have a white space around this. So the only way to avoid messing with transparency of the image is to cut the parts in a rectangular shape so there’s no white space when you cut (I hope you get what I’m trying to say, I’m not the BEST at English)

If you need a more complex overlay shape, or need an overlay that will have a part of it covering the character and a part of it showing the character (idk, a window or something) then you have to go look up a site or a program to change the transparency. I use a background burner, it’s easy to use. Then when you’re done you just save it (if you’re going to use b. burner then it’s going to give you an option; download in JPG or PNG and you have to choose PNG, since it saves the transparency)
Then you just upload it as an overlay in the Art catalog

Uuuf this is long


but there are bg with overlays already in them, the one with the bushes, the one is just the bushes in the title and the other one has ,behind the bushes" so I’m pretty sure it has an overlay in it


Also if you are done with the hard part (transparency. Well it’s not hard, but it’s annoying lol at least to me) then you place the overlay in the scene and you place and scale it using the directing helper in the preview. If you don’t know how to use the directing helper I can explain or there are probably tutorials already for it


I’m only saying because I saw bbb2 with them in the spa. I know the ice cream parlour allows people behind the counter.
Does anyone know if you had this:

And your script was this:

How you you get then in the spa


U add the overlay that ^she explained to do


Thanks captain obvious, I read it the first time.