Putting clothing or accessories on a desk, etc

So I notice in a lot of stories how the characters set the purse they were wearing on a desk, or how someone will hold a clothing item to show the other character, and I was just wondering if anyone knows how they do that?

Hey. I’m not a pro but I’m pretty sure they simply made their own overlay out of the clothing item or accessory and uploaded it to their story

You can go to the Art Catalog, look in Clothing, find the item, and download it directly from there. It should already be a PNG image, and ready to upload!


Thank you, guys! That is the mostly what I needed. There’s some authors who had their character put their purse on a shelf, and the strap was down not straight up and that’s the other thing I was curious about.

When it comes to that, that’s where you would need/want a custom overlay.

How do you make that?

The way to do this is to use an overlay. To access overlays, go to the art catalog and click overlays. If you search, and you don’t find an overlay you are looking for, then click on the button at the top that says:

Overlays: Available From Your Account

Then, create your overlay off of episode. Now, put it in your desktop. Now, all you have to do is click on select image and click the right image. You are going to have to wait until this overlay gets approved. Once it gets approved you can use it.

To put it in you story after it is approved this is what you do:
Type in your backdrop you want to use with the overlay in it, then put the overlay name next to it. The code should look something like this:


If you need help with moving the overlay in the backdrop just ask me.

I hope this helped. :wink:

I feel so bad because you explained all of that and I know how to do that. I meant that I don’t know how to make the overlay the way they did. If I save the image from the art catalog section, it is going to look like that in the episode. On some stories, the overlay is the exact same thing, except they made it look different. I keep using the purse example because of the strap of the purse isn’t straight up as it is in the catalog. She had it on her shoulder, and then walked over to a shelf and set it down and it looked like the exact same purse, but the strap was relaxed, not standing straight up… There’s also times when a character will lay out outfits on a table and they will look flatter and stuff.

Oh then maybe they just make a bunch of overlays and put them all together to make it look good.