Q&A at the end of my story!

I want to have my story at the end of each episode to have questions that readers might have but I don’t any other questions beside 4 of them that I would have could someone give me some ideas on what to ask :purple_heart:

Well what questions do you already have?

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How many episode chapters are there?
When will the next episode be?
How many love interests?
will there be art scenes?

U could have a credits section

Whats ur insta or smth

How often do u update

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Okay are thos questions for them

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They are question for them to click on to get the answer- Thats what I’ve seen serveral ppl do


Okay thank you

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You could include questions/options like:
“Why can’t I customize?” (If you have not added CC)
“How many chapters will this story have?”
“Top Up Points” (if you have 1 or more point systems)
“Do choices matter?”
“Can I re-customize?”
“Will this story have Early Access?” (You could include another option within this that allows them to find out what EA is if they don’t already know)
“Will this story have Skip-the-Wait?” (You could include another option within this that allows them to find out what STW is if they don’t already know)
“When was this episode published?” (This might be helpful to readers in future, but you could also just include the date published in a narration box at the end if you wanted to)

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