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No, back labour is a part of labour, it’s different from back pain. It happens during contractions. It’s like a bonus pain on top of regular contractions, lmao. It often starts happening once contraction pain is well underway.

It’s not recommended to take ibuprofen or aspirin while pregnant in the early stages because it can increase the chances of a miscarriage. You can take acetaminophen (Tylenol) though. You can take pain medication for a headache and most meds if you have a cold. Basically, you’re fine to take medicine just as you would if you’re not pregnant when pregnant.

My daughter wasn’t breach, her head was facing down it was just her ‘face’ that was the wrong way. She just turned herself around, very, very slowly. If she was actually feet first there are methods they do to try and get the baby to turn head first, but it can risk getting wrapped up in the cord, so I’m told that’s when a c-section is often offered. But, again, a breach baby wasn’t my experience.

Hopefully this all helps you!

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Yes, you can feel the baby when it’s down there and it’s time to push but it’s a feeling that kind of gets lost in all the activity of pushing and hearing the doctor/staff counting contractions and cheering you on to push and your mind is so focused on pushing and all that the feeling isn’t in the forefront of your mind.

Everyone’s different, but for me, I barely remember that part of the delivery process. lol


Yes, it’s sore and uncomfortable after birth. they do give you ice-pack pads, creams, and spray bottles to use when you go pee to water down the acidity so that it doesn’t hurt as bad. There are sitz baths, spray bottles, ice packs and heating pads etc. that can be used to help the pain. It’s uncomfortable to go #2 after and can be very painful but they do give you stool softeners until you pass the first bowel movement after you give birth to make it less so.

But like every aspect of pain during/after, it sucks day one and continues to suck for a few days then everything gradually goes back to normal on the inside and it’ll feel more normal/less pain. :slight_smile:

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