Q and kinda rant (?) about my upcoming story

Hello… I haven’t been active on here all that much lately because I’ve been working on my upcoming episode story. There’s something I’ve noticed or maybe it just seems that way to me. I made an Instagram page to promote my story and I decided I’ll actually post something on there once I’ve completed at least 3 chapters of my story. I’ve completed all 3 now. But it doesn’t really feel like any of my followers care that much about my story (apart from a few of course). It just kind of feels like they only followed me just so they could get a follow back, they’re not really interested in whatever I may write. You could argue it’s because I still haven’t posted anything so how can they be interested, I did post and post on my IG story all the time but I dunno it just feels like no one really cares lmao. It feels like I’m getting overly excited to only then become disappointed when no one reads it. I even made the covers and all the art myself (I’m a digital artist too)

Dang. I don’t even know what to do (;

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do?


If you don’t publish it, you’ll never know. On IG I have almost 400 followers but less then 50 ever interact with posts and about 2 of them actually read my story. I get more reads when I post on this forum then on IG.

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Awe sorry you feel that way! And I understand truthfully. As you said people only want to follow you for followers, and it sucks yes because they don’t really care about whatever right. But truthfully I don’t think it should matter because as you mentioned you have other people that are excited for your story and you should feel happy excited because people are actually looking forward for it and all those times you did your coding finally pays off, right?:cherry_blossom::yellow_heart:
Also I noticed too on Instagram (since I follow you) your sneak peeks for story maybe instead of posting them all the time on IG, post on ur story the details of your characters (like how they look). Then for your IG feed post a meet the characters with some hashtags. Or post some like a funny reels so that future readers can see what they look like? Or also too post a trailer of your story and put the interesting ones so that readers can be like oooo what is this ? Or like what’s happening? And if they’re curious they might give your story a read. Etc. these are how I saw other people on IG did :relaxed:
And lastly, as the person said above that most people promote their upcoming stories here on the forum than IG. It all depends.

Btw, if you need to msg me about anything you have my IG. I’m here for ya :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts:


Thank you for your response and @ jar_output_error

I really appreciate it :two_hearts: as well as the suggestions you gave :relaxed:

unrelated but I’d love to read your story once you release it as well :two_hearts:

Yes, I’ll promote it on here probably more now once I publish it.


Instagram is kind of hit or miss. I think episode writers usually build up a following on the app first and then move to Instagram (I could be wrong though) but be excited! You worked hard that story! You might not get a lot of reads but it takes time. I have to remind myself that too. No one is a success over night. You’ll be there :blush:


Ahh that makes sense

You’re definitely right and I think you made me remind that to myself now. I think I needed to hear that, thank you :relaxed::two_hearts:


I absolutely feel you! However, I agree with everyone else. Post sneak peeks prior to release, tease a little by posting a short trailer of some action happening! Maybe even add polls, I do polls just for some interaction, even though not all my followers interact much.

I’ve noticed also alot of people do R4R and shoutout for shoutout, not too sure if that’s something you’d like doing though. However, I think it does help getting your story out there.

And of course as much as you want to see comments and reads, success takes time.

In addition to all that, I’d say promote your story here on the forums! I’ve seen alot of people doing that, and honestly I myself had read a few of stories that seemed interesting to me and had been promoted here on the forums by authors. It’s always good to promote it everywhere possible, so I’d recommend continuing on Instagram and also on the forums to reach as many readers as possible.

Despite all that, keep in mind that you’ve done an amazing job by completing 3 episodes! And the fact that you had also drawn the cover too! That’s awesome, and alot of hardwork! And it will for sure pay off but it requires abit of time. :hearts:

Also, remember that no matter how slow or fast the progress is, it still is progress! Be proud of what you’ve accomplished, your hard work will pay off!

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I’ve tried to add a poll or a question box here and there on my story and only very few would interact :sweat_smile: it’s just a little demotivating I guess…
It gives me the idea that not many people would be interested in my story despite putting in a lot of effort into it.

Yes, I’ll do that a lot more of promoting it on here definitely :two_hearts:

Thank you so much for this :relaxed::sparkling_heart:

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I totally understand that. Considering it can be demotivating then maybe scratch it (for now)! And instead focus on the very few who are actually supporting your work, and how far you’ve come with your work.

Of course! Alot of readers certainly see the effort put in and at some point show appreciation, so it’s just a matter of time till then!

Also, if you’re comfortable, I’d certainly love to read and support your story and even share it on my IG story! Just send me the link once you publish. (No pressure though!) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hearts:

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Yes, I’ll make sure to do this :relaxed:

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart: You’re too kind.

Sure thing, I’ll let you know :relaxed::heart: and I’d love to read your story and support too !

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Aww, thank you!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hearts:

Awesome!! And thank you, I appreciate it alot. 🫶🏻❤️

I know what you mean but don’t let this frustrate you. Most of my followers are episode authors I’ve met here on the forum or through R4R groups. But here is something I’ve noticed. When I make a post and use specific hashtags to target readers who could be interested in the stories I write (in my case LGBTQ+ stories) I get a couple of followers who are genuinely interested in my posts and my reads go up at the same time even though it is impossible that the few new followers I got could generate that many reads. So I guess not all readers follow me but do see my content because of the hashtags. When you first publish your story you will have to get some reads first so your story will get reviewed by Episode. Once your story has been reviewed it can trend in the top 100 of your genre and readers will be able to notice it on the app. My advice is after you’ve first published your story to do some R4R/G4G or even join a group. Post content and use specific hashtags to target readers who might be interested in the genre your story is in. You sort of have to spread the word first. Do a bit of promotion. And most of all be patient. That said, send me the link to your story when it’s published. :blush:

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Thank you so much for everything you’ve said, I really really appreciate it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

Yep, I’ll make sure to do these a lot. I’m sure it can help get the story noticed a lot more too.

Thank you, I’ll let you know once I’ve published it :relaxed:

Thank you for all the suggestions you gave :sparkling_heart:

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Yeah you’re welcome. Excited for your story!! I’ll definitely be the first one to read it :joy::joy::heartpulse:

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:joy::sparkling_heart: thank you sm I really appreciate it haha