Q regarding an overlay I tried to upload.. PLEASE HELP

Hi, I got a notif saying that the overlay I tried to upload got rejected, would anyone possibly know why? I tried uploading a drawing I made of my MC but it didn’t get approved. I really want it to be in the story but it got rejected. Please help me with this if you can.


Note: “THAL_PROFILE” is the name of the overlay in case you’re wondering.

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Just to add: before uploading this overlay I accidentally uploaded one without my watermark on it and that did get approved but then I deleted it and tried uploading the new one with my watermark and that got rejected. so I’m really confused :sob:

Can you show the overlay?

I can PM it to you if that’s okay?

Sure :slight_smile:

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If you have a watermark on it, that’s why they rejected it. It’s common thing, you can file ticket and prove that this drawing is yours (and watermark is yours as well, you can show them proof for that or your drawing acc if you have one.)

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Really? I had no idea :sob: But it sucks though because I don’t think I can prove it to them since I haven’t posted anything on my acc yet (it’s new and I hope to post once I grow my acc more as well as when I release my story) :sob:

Yeah, unfortunately. I’ve had my arts rejected so many times because of the watermark that it’s nothing new now; I just upload it or show them that this was made for me by artists.
So… try uploading it again; sometimes it works (depends on who gives approvals, tbh), but if they reject it one more time and you don’t have time (because of the update/publish), just file a ticket telling them that this is your art scene that you made; it doesn’t hurt to try.

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