Q Stories' Reflections

So just like my other thread - Magicka Stories’ Thoughts
This thread is for everyone to post about their thoughts on the entries. ATTENTION : Only positive and constructive thoughts allowed! :yay:
Everyday, I will link the everyone’s thoughts on the OP about the entries they read. The more opinions on the story the better.

This thread is to share thoughts on the stories. To post the stories’ links, I recommend going here Option 1 Option 2

  • Q’eer: The One by @Danielle318 and @eliseclairmont :one: :sunny:

  • Q’eer: Flowers have Thorns by faithwrites :hocho: :rose:

  • Q’eer: Dressed to Kill by @episode_valeria :dress:

  • Q’eer: Asexuality Uncensored :purple_heart:

  • Q’eer: Not Heartless :green_heart:

  • Q’eer: Make me a Geek :rainbow:


Yes, loved this story. Show so many emotions on how an employee is stopping her boss toxic schemes and then the employee sister is taking revenge on the boss because of the employee death for doing the right thing.


Queer: The One

A story with supernatural and crime setting can always count me in.
I loved how the memories were intertwined with the present, and the flow was amazing.
I like the point system a lot, especially the friendship points.
The funny part is having an workaholic character, we don’t see many of those, and at the same time we can see the internal conflict because of the past.

Queer: Flowers have Thorns

A story with a criminal setting, I am on my second replay :joy:
We can feel the characters’ emotions, the narration at the beginning was really enticing.
The point system, taking down a corrupt family, characters aware of the weight of their actions, the subtle yet clear way they were presented.

What was common on both was showing their professional life, making it a great addition to the plot, most would wing that part.

PS: I have been spying Lana’s Insta so I have many more to read eheh


Thank you so much for making this thread and for your kind feedback! It means so much to me that you enjoyed our story :slight_smile::heart:


Thanks Nessya! I am so glad you loved our story! :heart::heart:


I agree!!
I have read Queer: The One by @Danielle318 & @eliseclairmont, and I enjoyed it :hugs:
There’s so many options! You get to pick your gender, and your choices do affect your relationships. You’re also not forced to have an intimate relationship if you’re not interested in one!
The pace of the story did not feel rushed either. Tappable overlays, panning, and the fact that you can’t max out your points just make the story a little bit more tense because now I have to always be aware of what I’m doing :joy:
I loved everything about it!
Good job guys :hugs::hugs:


Thank you so much! We wanted to make our story as inclusive as possible and I really love points systems so we try to include lots of choices in each episode! :hugs:


Queer: Dressed to Kill

I loved the setting, how the MC was open with her sexuality, the duality between rejection on the past and acceptance in the present. The directing was smooth, I liked the point system a lot.
Old rivals, new challenges, the work-related setting is really appreciated. :wink:

I kinda forgot about this :joy:


Queer: Asexuality Uncensored

I loved the insight into the asexuality, I still have to read Ace of Heart.
It’s super interactive and I liked what I learned so far, I found it so relatable.
Josephine is funny and confident, driven to her passion on Fashion.

Queer: Not Heartless
Another lovely interactive and insightful story, it’s short, but we connect so easily with the MC, we feel her struggles like they are ours, finding ourselves added to a complete change of life, takes a brave person, who the MC definitely is.

Queer: Make me a Geek
I had been curious about this one since I read the description. I loved how the MC accept who they are, what makes this story captivating are their characters and the plot behind. Cutting off who don’t matter is no little feat and that’s the least the MC has done, they have made mistakes but who hasn’t.

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