Quality Art Scenes :)


Recently, I took off about 4 weeks from everything. The forums, discord, and episode mostly completely, JUST to better my art! And it worked. I have gotten a lot better, and I am doing art scenes! Now please be patient. I will have a waiting list, and once your order is done (2-3 for each), I will give it to you, and remove your name from there. If there are any errors, please let me know.

I look forward to doing some great art scenes!


Examples maliyah


Wow! That’s very nice of you! Could you possibly show us the examples?


Hi… friend. Lol. Sure (even though YOU ALREADY SEEN THE DARN EXAMPLE, COME ONN RAVEN), pm me


LOl :joy:


Do I request an art scene here?


I think so


Yeah, you do.


can we see examples? i’m sure they’re amazing


Can we see some examples?