Queen Of Art Thread!



Title: MC: The Girl In Glass
Author name: Tida
Theme: City
Character details (preferably a photo as well as description): skin: copper 08
Brow: round thick (black dark)
Hair: slick ponytail (red)
Eyes: round medium (violet)
face: heart define
Nose: round button upture
Lip: full flat top pouty (red deep matte)

v.PNG220x630 49.4 KB

Character clothing: optional anything you want to put on her, but need glasses AND FRECKLE
Character ** sad with her arm on the glass window look from above
Background design (description or photo): Top building surround by glass
I am probably going use it for small and large cover
** Limelight:

extra details: Have a tear on the cheek , place one of her hand on the glass window, and the other hand holding something or squeezing her other hand tight to her chest




Sorry for a late responses, can the background please be the campus garden-NIGHT?!
Thanks !!!


hello, I need help with a cover, ca you help me?


Sure! But its gonna be a long wait


like how long?


About a week or 3. Its that long because of my school schedule & other people request


so between one and three weeks?




okay I can wait it’s fine, I’ll send the details, cool?




okay thank you alot, here it is. P.S I’m so sorry but I’m on pc and I don’t know how to send photos or screenshots

background: any plain, like a cliff side or the desert,
1: male
messy undercut hair
straight medium brows
rose 03 skin
deepest downturned lided eyes
male generic face

grecian narrow nose
small heart lips (pink baiege lips)
minor faced watch
long chain ring necklace metal silver
belted sleeveshirt cotton green grass
chain acceserios ripped jeans denim black
tight fitting tank top cotton blue raven
sneakers rubber sole canvas grey black
character 2: male
rose 03 skin
round thin brows
medium tamper wavy hair
male deep sunken eyes (green)
male generic face
male generic nose
medium straight natural lips (baige pink matte)
zipper lapel open jacket shirt grey black
skinny denim rolledcuff blue oxford
character 3:
copper 00 skin

arched natural brows (light brown)
wavy long hair (blond medium)
deepest upturned wide eyes (blue aqua)
heart soft face
grecian soft nose
full round poutty lips (pink beige gloss)
country chic crystal orange true
belted jeans denim grey black
boots country chic brown
studded black belt cat suit pleather red cherry diamond cluster topazaccents necklace
character 4: female
copper 01
arched natural (black)
)beach wave hair (platnum blonde)
deepest downturned (aqua blue)
diamond face
full round poutty
alko crop top cotton neutral black
water proof black pants blue raven
belted open jacket leather grey black
character 5:
rose 03 skin
round thin brows
long top messy curls hair (black)
male deep sunken (green)
male generic face
male grecian nose
small heart (pink beige matte)
chain acceserious ripped jeans denim black
knitted sweater cotton grey black
sneaker rubber sole canvas grey black
here are the poses


I can’t do the standing on one knee pose, so can I just have them all standing?


@Isabella2 I finished your request! Any changes?


Omg, its perfect. Thank you so much!


Make sure you credit me!


hi lovely! I love your examples! Could i please have a small cover love?

Details (CHARACTER 1):
skin tone: tan
brows: smooth arch
hair: messy back bun (blond)
eyes: upturned feline (brown)
face: soft heart
nose: elven
lips: full round (terracotta)
can this character please be standing and facing the one im doing next and is laugh_giggle
heres a picture of her:

skin: honey
brows: medium sharp
hair: short cropped hair (Black)
eyes: deepest sloping (taupe)
face: diamomd
nose: button
lips: small round (terracotta)
this one facing the one above please. can his animation be draw_gun

now, for the last character (CHARACTER 3):
Can this character be behind the girl and facing them, please? also, could she be a bit faded out?
skin: olive
brows: seductive arch
hair: fishtail braid (strawberry blond)
eyes: round classic (black)
face: oval
nose: elven
lips: blossom (taupe)
can her animation be talk_sad_clutch

background: anything that has a sad sort of vibe please

title: The Last Goodbye (it can be written in anything stylish)

author: jessrosewrites

thank you so much i appreciate it so much!!!




yes sure. Can you do the second pose? If not then this pose will work
since the genre is action it can’t be casully standing lol


Hey @Mya1357 I was wondering if I could request a cover?