Queen's Art Shop! {INK AND LL} (CLOSED)

Welcome to my art shop!!! I decided to open this bc I finally figured out how to make some decent covers!!
-Tell me if you want it pm’d (personal message) or posted on here! If not put in, t will be posted here!!
(I can only do digital btw!!) ALSO
-Cut-Outs Of Characters

-Ghost Characters
Also, some effects!!!

-Cover or splash size!

  • The character(s) desc AND the pose you want them in! (or a pic of the character(s) in that pose!
    -What you want the cover to look like (reference pics if possible!)
    -What background you want, and the pic (if it’s specific!)
    -The title
    -Your author name

Copy and paste this for your comment! (if you don’t understand the rules)
-Size(s) {Insert size here}
-Character dec (features and clothing) In:pose/animation name! OR pic of character in that pose,clothes,and feature!! (for each one)
-So I want it to look like (a desc or reference pic!) {If reference pic, tell me the characters!)
-I would like a solid color of (solid color) Or a (background name or pic) background
-Title (title here)
-Author Name: (Your author name here!)
-Effect # (effect #) with character (character) Keep going if needed

Crediting info: How to credit me!! @Epiiuser_Queen
Wating List:

  1. @Oakly.Episode
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Hi there! I’m not interested as of yet because I don’t need any covers rn but could you give examples of any covers you’ve done before?

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Shure! I’ll give ya one of my covers 4 a story I am working on!

I can also make ghosts but I don’t have any of those covers but I am working on someone’s cover who has a ghost and I’ll ask if I could use thier’s!

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Hello Epiiuser_Queen.
I know you have said that you make covers but is there a chance you could make me a profile pic for me?

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That’s really good! :heart: I was just asking just in case someone else was interested. Tho I might ask later. I have many story ideas in my notes.

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Uhm I can try!

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ok and np

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Here are the details;

do u want a pose?
Full body or just face?
Any specific background?
Any specific outfit!?

Can you make an art cover for me :heart:
Episode name - Powers reborn
Author- Star girl
Character’s name: Arie
Body - Fair/light
Eyebrows- Seductive arch
Hair - Straight and Color - Chestnut
Eyes - Round bold/ upturned bold Eye Color - Blue
Face - Diamond
Nose - Elven
Lips - Blossom Lips and Mouth Color- Cherry red

Full body
Pose should be Primp

Outfit :


any poses, backgrounds e.t.c?
(do u actually want her to be a queen bc I think its a joke but idk if thats ur desc lol)

also what’s ur epii author name and the title?

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I’ll write it in details

ok plz keep it all if ur first post!

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•Story is Limelight•
Female MC• Idle_handsonhips_neutral_loop
Body~Gold 02
Brow~Arched Natural (Light Brown)
Hair~Short Wavy Ombre (Blonde Medium)
Eyes~Female Generic (Blue Green)
Nose~Defined Natural
Lips~Full Heart Pouty (Pink Beige Matte)

1st Male Love Interest• Idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop
Body~Gold 02
Brow~Straight Medium (Black Dark)
Hair~Wavy Messy (Black Dark)
Eyes~Male Generic (Blue Aqua)
Face~Male Generic
Nose~Male Generic
Lips~Medium Straight Natural (Fair Neutral Matte)

2nd Male Love Interest• flirt_wink_atcamera_pose
Body~Gold 02
Brow~Straight Medium Scar (Black Dark)
Hair~Slicked Back Solid (Black Dark)
Eyes~Male Generic (Ice Blue)
Face~Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
Nose~Grecian Narrow
Lips~Full Heart Natural (Fair Neutral Matte)

I was thinking that Alex could be in the middle of Roy and Noah, Roy being at the right and Noah at her left side. (All facing left)

Cover Type~Small Cover

Background~Whatever you think is best

Title~ Stuck in Between

Author Name~Heylis

Alex Outfit~Treble Clef Tattoo-Laceup Angel Sandals Blushing Ivory•Diamond Cluster Earcuff Earring Pink Diamond•Ringed Long Chain Necklace Metal Rose Gold•Strapped Accented Watch Face Pink Peach•Circular Patterned Gold Choker Metal Rose Gold•Low Cut Croptopand Skirt Combo Dress Satin Grey Pink Pale•Skull And Roses Arm Tattoo

Roy Outfit~Torn Knees Jeans Denim Grey Black•Varsity Coat Plain School Polyester Neutral Black•Boots Rugged Leather Black•Multiple Beaded Strapped Bracelets Leather Grey Black•Studded Metal Rimmed Earring Metal Grey Black

Noah Outfit~ Zipper Lapel Open Jacket Shirt Grey Black•Boots Rugged Leather Black•Hoop Earring Silver Line Metal Grey Black• Chain Accesories Ripped Jeans Denim Black•Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

U want a queen outfit or a custom?
Custom rules:
(tell me the name of each piece of clothing)

I am new here… Sorry for the incomplete details but now I have written… If something is again incomplete then I’ll edit again

okay, plz answer my prev question

Adding to waiting list!