Queen's Art Shop! {INK AND LL} (CLOSED)

Plz lmk when you can have it finished :slight_smile:

ok do u want it pmed or posted here?



I have written everything you have asked… Please let me know if any of the details are missing

I made it like dis so it is big enough to upload but all you would have to do is crop it out!

How is it?

Starting your cover


Okay… It’s good…

Can you make it in dark blue background


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That’s good… Thank you :heart: I’ll mention your name in my story

Np! come again if u need to!


Just a tip: You should make the characters on covers & the author name a little bit bigger. And maybe adding a lil spice to it.

Do you want a solid color or an actual background? or does it not matter?

Oh I just made them like that bc it needs to be an certain size to put it in as a cover and u can crop it but thank you for the tip!

Also, any specific animations for each character?

You can just resize the background & then put the characters in