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Oooh… how would I do that?

An actual background pls

And I put the animations under the character’s names where I wrote the descriptions

Pose: blush_shy_atcamera
Full body or just face?: Just face plz
Any specific background?: No specific background
Any specific outfit!?:

  • Angel Dress Costume Chiffon Soft Blue Gold
  • Starry Choker Black Gold
  • Leaf Motif Beaded Bracelet Metal Gold
  • Flower Cat Ear Headband Metal White Flower

oh okie sorry I didn’t see it! is this okay btw?


Is this good?

Yes, thank you this looks great.



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Its perfect

Hi Queen! I was wondering if you could make a splash for me
Text: Warning this story contains mature themes and strong language
Male Pose: idle_happy
Skin: Peach
Eyebrows: Bushy Wide
Hair: Short Cropped Hair White
Eyes: Classic Round Blue
Face: Diamond
Nose: Athletic Button
Mouth: Classic Blush
For the background, I would just like solid black and the font of the text to be white.
For the male outfit it is:
** White Bondage Pants, White Hipster High Top Sneakers, Muscle Tank White
If you need any more information just say so (didn’t understand about size?)
~Oakly T

I’ll get to work on ur splash now

any specif color you want the text? oof nv

you should be able to use it! It is a one panel and tell me if you need any changes done! If for some reason it didn’t work out… us this link!

ive just noticed there’s a spelling mistake on language unless it was intentional but could I by any chance have the text a bit smaller and another font I don’t mind what :sweat_smile:

Ohhh uhm hehehe… sorry about dat… I will fix it!

No problem :sweat_smile:

link if it won’t fit…

[http://www.simpleimageresizer.com/upload#.WrRmlYjwbIW ]
plz credit me @Epiiuser_Queen

Thank you sorry for late reply this is amazing tho and I will credit you x