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Hey! Could I request a PFP please? :relaxed: Password: Andee Is Queen

Hi can someone please do a cover for my story for free

hi! can i please get a cover art? large and small :))

cover details

story name: The Darkness and the Light Within
author name: Jadelyn Piligrino
story description: Raven is the ruler of nightmares, what happens when she runs into River, the ruler of dreams at the Seria School of Magic…again?
detailed description: can you choose the background for me? can i have the two characters: Raven (girl) and River (boy) standing in the cover with Raven on the left facing right and River on the right facing left. i’ll send you the poses and can i have magic particles coming out of their hands? i’ll send you a photo of those too.
cover sizes: small and large cover
characters and magic particles:


instagram handle: @jadeee.episode
deadline: 1 or 2 weeks, but please take your time!
length: full body please!

i’ll follow you on instagram! please take your time and thank you so much! :))
when you make the cover, can you make it into a 1 panel background so i can put it in my story?

password: Andee Is Queen

The user has been suspended hun.

what do you mean?

The owner of the art shop has been suspended from the forums; meaning that no requests can be done or accepted as a result of this.

oh man thank you for letting me know!

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