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I|I Queenstrial I|I

Based off the…
Red Queen and the Selection

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Steras, a land where blood can make or break you. Those with Red blood are the servants, the ones forced to work, the normal. Those with Silver blood are the government officials, the ones with superpowers, the strong. However that may all change with the upcoming Queenstrial.

Queenstrial is the event where when the Crown Prince turns 18 and will choose a bride after a series of trials. The competitors consist of Silver ladies and noblewomen aged 17 through 19 who wish for power, importance, or simply love. Many volunteer to enter but only twenty four will receive the honor of vying for his hand.

However, this year Silver ladies and noblewomen won’t be the only ones entering. The Scarlet Guard, a Red rebellion, is planning on entering some of their own Reds. Normally, this wouldn’t work as Reds do not have special abilities like Silvers but the Scarlet Guard have a small group of Reds who do, Newbloods. They are stronger than Silvers and have unique abilities.

If the Scarlet Guard can successfully get one of the Newbloods on the throne, they can change the laws and make Reds and Silvers equal. If the Silvers win the throne, nothing changes until the rebels can try again in the next Queenstrial. Now they must both compete against each other while the Newbloods try and hide their true identities and allegiances…

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Welcome to Queenstrial!
Here are a short summary of the two roles

Silvers - A lady that may or may not be from a noble House, they are all eligible to volunteer and their goals are to win though if they find out about Newbloods it may also aide them in winning…

Newbloods - One of the secret Scarlet Guard Reds that have powers that can rival and even defeat a Silver’s power. They have been trained their whole lives to control their powers and have been kept a secret since they were initiated into the rebels. Their goals are to not only win but hide their true blood type.

Elimination will be determined by how well you do on tests and competitions. Even if you are eliminated however, your character will still stay in the castle as a spectator to the trial though they will have less privileges than those still in the trial. Newbloods can get eliminated if they show they have Red blood, this would put not only the other Newbloods but the Scarlet Guard as well.

For drama purposes, I will have surprises in store to spice things up :wink:

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So excited for this! Aah!


Love both these book, can’t wait!


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That’s alright! Thanks for notifying me and I’m sad to see you go :frowning:


I’d love to sign up! Should be done by tonight *Never mind just saw that there aren’t any spots left XD)


heyo, it’s me, @PechaBerry- I started this account in replacement of my old one and I wanted to ask, is it okay if I switch my sign-up to correspond to this account? @TheBluGeek


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Yes of course!


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I’ll check in case but I’m pretty sure you did!


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Faceclaims are out now! Go check them out and tell me about any issues!

I would also like for everyone still interested to say “I’m here!” or something like that and if they changed their usernames please state their old usernames (from the old forums)!

Also Mashia’s spot is available @jkdelbian if you want it! It is the Shadow (Silver) spot.


I’m here and I used to be Catarla but I’m Luxinos now haha

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I still interested just need to get my characters in! I’ll try and get them in soon!


I’m here! I’m not abandoning my children here, I’m too proud of them!