Queer: The Water Thief | Official release thread ❤️

Hi everyone, I’d like to promote my store which has been recently released for the queer contest, and now that it’s no longer in beta and is finalized I hope you all enjoy the new updates and features! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Title: Queer: The Water Thief
Author: Rockifed
Genre: Gay Drama / Romance
Episodes: 6 (Finale coming soon)
Description: When a drought hits a remote village of Nigeria, you are tempted to make a life-changing decision, unveiling a world of family conflicts, crisis, and forbidden love. LL | CC | LGBT

It uses many custom features including:

  • First-ever story to use a currency system.

You gradually make money by working, trading, or competing quests my local villagers. Money can be used to purchase outfits, furnitures, and gifts.

  • Custom CC

This story uses a custom CC script intended to be limited. The script will be public in a few days.

  • Custom outfit selection

The story uses a custom outfit selection script, made by me. You can buy outfits or wear a freebie.

Along with:

  • 6 diverse minigames
  • Point system + bonus scenes
  • Choices matter
  • No gem choices
  • No shoutouts, promos, etc
  • Menu screen, option to re-CC any episode
  • Journal for episode recaps and points tracking
  • Acclaimed by critics and reviewers


Meet the characters!

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Story link:


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