QUEER: Writing contest tips

Hey episodians!! I’m Cass and I’m here to help anyone with plot ideas for entering the Queer Contest!

I’m neither heterosexual or cisgendered so feel free to ask me questions about sexual orientations and gender identities!

I,myself, am not entering to contest so I’m willing to help anyone If tips are needed for writing a certain character(s):smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey Cass, my name is Gabby and my story is about two girls falling in love yet to get to that point there has to be a lot of heartbreak and betrayal. And I’m having a hard time making the flirting scenes and other lovey dovey scenes seem real. I would love to have some writing tips from you.

For scenes like that, make sure the love in genuine, something like cute/corny pickup lines are things lesbians love (obviously not all but…). For date ideas they could watch the stars together and watch a sunset, to show the attraction between the two girls…make sure it’s private! Other date ideas can be: at home movie night, painting together etc (bonus points for anything related to nature (hopefully this helps)!

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Thx Cass. It does help with future Ideas when it comes to dates. As well as I think I’ll add some more cute and corny pick-up lines when they first meet.

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I’m glad I could help!!

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