Question about author stories

hi, I don’t know if this is the right place to ask but at the end of an author story you can in some stories spend gems to buy character points or something but I click it and none of my gems are gone? and if you see ‘support the author’ and I click on it, it just says ‘thank you’ so i’ve been just clicking on it. can someone please help me understand? thank you!!

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First you shouldent do that its waste of money and I dont think they are even allowed to use gems that way

but I do dont know why your diamonds have not been taken

I’m not spending real money, right?

Diamonds cost real money. but no you dont spend money direct by clicking it. you only spend money if you buy diamonds

Here’s the thing. Those who can’t see gem choices don’t get gems deducted from their account lol. Cool, right? In other words, you and I have advantages lol. But, it still counts as a gem pick read for the author.



Wait, it does? rubs hands menacingly

Yup. I clicked on options like “buy me strength points” and my gem amount always stayed the same.


That should be a glitch lol. So, in the story it like.

You don’t have enough strength points

You buy more strength points, but don’t actually lose gems? (I say get it checked out, because it’s only two to five gems unless it’s crazy popular)

But the question on the end that had the black screen if you answer it, it counts as a gem for the author, but does nothing for the reader, right?

Most readers can’t see gem choices in community stories, so all choices appear free for them. I would suggest you to do the same thing as me and use as many free gem options as possible. :smiley: :sparkles:

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I doubt it’s a glitch. It’s been happening for a while now lol.

Correct. I have bought so many points (that I found out were gem choices, by users who can see them) and like I said. All my gems were still there and I was still able to maximize my points.


I read somewhere that it’s against some guidelines/rules to make a gem option that only asks you to supply the author, but I don’t know if that’s true and I don’t see gems in common stories anyways, so I won’t report it :woman_shrugging:

I would love to do the gem choices, but I want it to count for something, and it’s weird that those that can actually see them don’t pay. The only thing would be the implement a gem feeding choice since it would be a waste to code a different path for free.

I thought that the gem choices in community stories were thought to help the author to get interested writer payment? But I never pick the support option at the end, although I don’t spend gems, because I know that it’ll still count and I don’t think that this is a choice that makes sense, so I won’t support it.

It’s strongly advised against, but not reportable

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So, even though it costs nothing you won’t support it?

To be frank, I don’t support it either even though my gems still stays the same lol

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Why? Sorry, but that sounds selfish against any author. It does nothing for your, but he’s the author. So, you wouldn’t support it because you gain nothing?

How is it selfish? All the author wants is an easier and quicker way to enter the writer’s payment. Why should I have to support that? Now, if I knew the author personally and I know what they are about, then yes, I would.


I’ll be honest, I only do it to authors I genuinely believe deserves a boost. For the authors who are already in payments, they get a 25% bonus for including gem choices regardless of whether you actually select them anyway. I’m all for helping people I genuinely believe deserve to be recognized and rewarded for their effort, but sometimes I don’t want to give an author a bonus when for the whole episode they called my female love interest a “he” :neutral_face:


Oh, okay. I see the mindset, but they have to make it to 300k regardless. (Not minimizing you as a person who can still say no), but I thought you mean overall. Regardless of the story. I think you and Amberose have the same mindset.

I do believe if a story was put with hard work they deserve a press, but then again, not alot if people understand the black question at the end.