Question about backgrounds

Hey I was just wondering- can you take images from the internet? I’m using free stock images but I’ve seen some other authors use whatever photos from the internet. I’m new to Episode- I don’t wanna break the rules :confused:

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Yeah you could use images from the Internet.
Just make sure they don’t belong to any other artist
Or are copyrighted or trademarked.
Because trademarked and copyrighted backgrounds won’t get approved by Episode.
I have faced this (Backgrounds not got approved) so just giving suggestions.

I think the Episode approves the images as long as it doesn’t have logos or watermarks/trademarks. Photographs on google are okay I guess. I don’t know about handmade or graphical sketches. I have uploaded few anime backgrounds from Pinterest and Episode approved it. I removed the logo from the wheels of a Lamborghini car and it got approved as well.

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Worth a shot to try.

Oh thx so much! Yeah i was so nervous about that…

For Covers you shouldn’t add an Instagram logo for example.

Yeah, as a Splashe. But as a cover…