Question about CC* in script

Okay so I’ve recently become a writer for episode last month and only just getting used to things… I want to start letting my readers customise they’re own character, I have templates but how do I get one of my characters to say the readers customised characters name or is that not possible? and when I use inkfemaleavatar then the speech, will it be the readers chosen name instead of eg. inkfemaleavater?

many thanks:)

  1. For the character to say the customised name, you need to write whatever you put in the inout box in the code

For example, if you put [FIRSTNAME] then the character’s can say the name by adding [FIRSTNAME] whereever you want it in the dialogue

“[FIRSTNAME] is so cute!”


Okay thank you!! :grin:


So just checking… would it just look like this for me?


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You need to use straight brackets [ ], not curly brackets.

Whatever you have inside the name input code needs to go inside the brackets.

So if your input code looks like this:

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME)

Then your dialogue needs to look like this to say that name:

Nice to meet you [NAME]!

More info here:


Ahhhh I didn’t realise I used curly brackets… silly me! Thank you:)

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