Question about "Character Avatar" (Avatar Creator)

Hello there! I’m brand new to the forums so if I’m posting this in the wrong place or going about this incorrectly, please let me know.

I’m trying to write my first story and I’ve been trying to teach myself what to do by using any and all online resources I can find.

I’m using the character avatar option (@NAME goes to character avatar) but I’ve noticed that this option seems to be lacking some of the facial features that are available on the website if I were to create my own characters for the story I’m writing. Is that correct? For instance, there are only 9 noses for guys. There are only 8 eye options. Online (ie when I’m using a desktop computer and not the app), there are 14 nose options and 14 eye options.

Are there just a limited number when you use the “character avatar” option?

Thank you again and I’m sorry if I shouldn’t have posted this here.

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The character-avatar creator only provides some of the earliest LL features, unfortunately. Try getting a template from @Dara.Amarie for customization!
Most people know their details by heart, so importing their avatar generally isn’t necessary.
Otherwise, you can import their avatar, and then provide customization. :wink:


The avatar creator doesn’t get updated when new features are added. It only contains the original features from when Limelight first premiered. If you want full customization with every single feature you can use one of my customization templates. The amount of lines it takes up in your script may seem intimidating, but don’t worry, the number of lines don’t really mean much.


That makes sense!

Thank you!
I’ll absolutely use your template. I’ve seen it on pretty much every story I’ve read. :wink:

I’m off to figure out how to give you credit for it now.

Thanks again!

(Got it. :slight_smile: Thanks.)

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