Question about choices: I need your help

Alright so, at the end of every story I have a mini trailer that they can choose if they wanna see or not.
Because its a trailer, the characters change clothes but the clothes also change on the next episode…
How can I fix that…? Pls tell me you understand what I mean :joy: :joy:

Like for example, the readers in episode 6, can choose the characters clothes and at the trailer I change the characters outfit so they can see what will happen on episode 7. But in the beginning of episode 7, they have the clothes from the choice of the trailer.

Thank youuuu!!!

Use labels and gains to remember choices

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Can that happen with choosing an outfit?

Yes. You just have to do something like label outfit choice 1 and gain outfit choice 1 for it to remember.

And the if/elise code works like that too.

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Is it ok if you help me with coding?
Cuz gains always made me confused

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Use the previews command for changing clothes for the trailer then use the unpreviews command after

@CHARACTERA previews outfit OutfitName

@CHARACTERA unpreviews outfit OutfitName

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Tap on advanced directing, then you can see the thing for if/elise code.

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Okay… Ill try to figure it out! haha
Thank you !!

Thank you!

Guys, im confused… On my dressing game I use arrows, how can I do the gain command with the arrows?
Im so sorry haha but my brain is all over the place right now…

and also, If the reader choose an outfit and I use the preview command on the trailers, on the next episode will the character wear the outfit they choose for her?

You have to use the unpreview code. Also I don’t think the gain code is useful here since i completely forgot that the preview code exists.

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OH okay then! It works!!