Question about copywrited backgrounds

I’m pretty new to this Community, and I’m really confused how I know if the backgrounds I find is okay to use in stories or not. If there is’nt a obvious person to contact and ask about the background, how do I know if it’s okay? Is there any specific sites that have background that’s not copywrited? Thanks in advance!

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You need to use images that are free for use. I’ll link a thread I made about it here. I have steps on how to find images that are free for use there.

Good advice is to just assume that all images are copyrighted until you determine that they are free for use.

I also recommend using Pixabay. It is a website that has a selection of free to use images there.

If you are using images in someone’s google drive (these contain images provided by our community’s editors), you need to ensure you follow their Terms of Service (which includes the appropriate crediting in the story).

Thank you so much for your help! I will bookmark this :hugs:

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You can search for backgrounds in or which have Non-Copyrighted Backgrounds & Pics. I recommend Pexels.

Thank you for the tip! :slight_smile: