Question about cover content

Okay, so I have come up with a story plot which is essentially this:

When Kassidy gets jealous of her long lost twins perfect life with their biological parents, she breaks down and kidnaps her twin and takes over as her twin, what happens when her twins police department catch on to her act. Will they stop kass and save her twin before it’s too late? or will Kassidy’s deranged plans succeed?

So for my cover…

I was thinking of making kass standing there dressed as her twin with her twin tied up in a chair with duct tape over her mouth in the background… Would that be to much for the cover guidelines or would it be fine?


Hmmm. @Tyler what do you think?

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Worst case scenario maybe put the twin behind Kassidy and fade the twins opacity. @X.O.IcySnows

Oki doki… But yeah I just thought of the plot and thought it would be great. (It’s like a reverse take on stories I normally see on the app, where instead of the MC being the victim, the MC is the villain.)

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That’s a really good idea.

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The cover guidelines don’t specify anything about violence other than “no guns” and “no bullying,” so if it follows the story guidelines other than that, you should be in the green. (Is kidnapping considered bullying…? A question for the ages.)

As much as I hate to point to another author and say “She hasn’t had her ___ removed so that means they wouldn’t remove yours” because that’s generally untrue… I’d point to Evil Ebonni’s “Hello?” story. She’s obviously had some of her covers reviewed, but they haven’t taken down the “Hello?” cover, which depicts the MC chained to a chair with duct tape over her mouth.

TL;DR you should be fine, especially if there are no weapons in sight and the victim isn’t bleeding.