Question about covers


This is just a question. Is it annoying for any of you if the cover is in Limelight but the story is in INK and vise versa, or not?

Here’s the cover, but it’s in limelight, although the story is in INK (I chose INK because it has way more clothes for now and I need them)
And also, what are your thoughts on this cover? Do you like it or not really? haha



did you make it and it look amazing


Yes, I did it, and thank you


Love it!


well then I guess I’m good with it, thank you so much


The cover looks good but I’d find it weird to have the cover in limelight but the story in INK. Since I prefer not to read Limelight, it would probably turn me off your story since I’d think it was Limelight, not INK. :slight_smile:


To answer your first question, yeah it would kind of bother me. Not enough to not read it, but the whole story I would be thinking “why is the cover different why is the cover different why is the cover different” hahaha. I find this happens a bit with Classic stories. The covers look inkish but as soon as you start bam! It’s classic