Question About Creating My Own Outfits

How do i create my own outfits other than ones already there?

I’m not sure if you can. :thinking:
I don’t think you can do that.

Do you mean piece together your own outfits like this? To do this you just go to the outfits tab on your main story screen then press New Outfit.

If you are asking if you can design and upload your own clothing, the answer is no you can not.

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I meant creating my own Outfits

You can create your own outfit my clicking on New outfit then on the script name and put the name of the charater and an underscore and your outfit name.

EX: YOU_bluedress
EX: LOLA_neoncolor

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You can’t make it as an actual outfit BUT you can make the characters naked (ik its weird) and use your outfit as an overlay.