Question about dara dressing game

Hi! Me have a question about Dara dressing game so me understand the one bold in red

i just want too understand more once reader pick any three outfit from dressing game and me have my mc wear a different outfit will it still remember what outfit they pick from dressing game?

I l learned this the hard way. My story had a scene set in a club. I didn’t realize that the outfits got remembered. I reused the extras next chapter thinking they would automatically switch to default. Nope, the whole University looked like they were in a rave :joy:

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so it will work? me just want too double check :')

It won’t unless you use a gain.

Or you can try this method, already fully explained.

oki thenk you so when i finish use dressing game do i use gain after?

If you want to change the outfit again into the one the reader chose, use the script mentioned in the link.

no i mean ok let me re say sorry if my english no good
okay like say my character wears something rite and then me use dara dressing game which has three choice and reader pick first choice. then after me want my character to wear same outfit before she tried outfit and then have the outfit wear later

Yes, I sent you the link that explains how to do that :).

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thenk you :grin:

You don’t need gains/flags for this template, it uses the points system as stated in red above. There is already a built-in “if/elif/else” at the end of the template. Copy and paste that to remember which outfit was chosen for future scenes.

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Yes, but you can also use gains, i added your thread a couple minutes later than my original comment.

so does it means even if I type in script the if elif else at bottom of template it will still remember for next episode too?

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Thenk you :smile:

Yes, I saw that, however gains/flags will not work with the specific template she is using.

Characters will stay in their outfits even into the next episode, unless you change them into something else. If you are not changing the outfit, they will continue to wear what they were already wearing into the next episode. You only need to use the if/elif/else code if you changed their outfits and want to change them back into the outfit they chose.

So if your character chooses an outfit (using the template) then the episode ends, they will still be wearing the outfit when the next episode begins.

However, let’s say you change your character’s outfit into pajamas or work out clothes, then want to change them back into the outfit they chose from the template, then that’s when you would use the if/elif/else.

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this makes more sense for me thenk you so much :yellow_heart: :smile: