Question about drawing maps

Guys what is the easiest way to make or draw a map like this from scratch?

I do have Photoshop, but I’m not that skilled in it nor are my nerves up to parr


tbh make than draw…


oh didnt get that ur question sorry. I mean u can ask some shops for an edit

I did but to no avail … also I’m pretty sure the only people who can do that you need to pay for an I’m uneasy spending money online

I’m not sure how you can make that type of map easily, but I’ve seen plenty of authors use this website to create their maps.


I haven’t tried it myself yet, but it has free version, so maybe you can try this? I hope it helps you out!


well then cant help you. I’m an artist myself so I’m sure other artists can do that but if u don’t want to pay idk honestly xd