Question about drawing!

Got my answer! :two_hearts:

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Dang! I know nothing about drawing, but it looks cool!

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Thank you!! :heart:

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It’s better then anything I’ve done! LOL In my opinion, it looks decent!

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Thank you so much. :two_hearts:

Her tips are great :))


Thank you!!

NOTE: For anything that doesn’t make sense feel free to ask or simply look at the pictures since I’m bad at explaining and I’m also waffling :slight_smile:

For outline, you are already doing a good job depending on if you want to do a detailed outline then make sure to outline everything you can see including the shadows and highlights. In ibis paint x I find that “dip pen hard” and “Hard Falcon Pen Smooth” are good pens to use for the outline I find if I’m using ibis paint x although the Hard Falcon Pen Smooth, you need to watch a ad to use. (circle them if you want/ you could also just lower the opacity or change colour to show when a shadow is present/ You can also shade just see what you like)

Example (best example i could find lol)

Screenshot 2020-11-13 at 19.43.06

As for simple outlines you just do the basic shapes and some detail if you want it all really comes down to what you think is nice!

Example of a simple outline

Screenshot 2020-11-13 at 19.48.02

As for shading, you need to know what light is coming from and what shadows are were. This same, if you are doing colour with your shading blending, is also important with shading.

Example of shading points/light

Screenshot 2020-11-13 at 19.51.24

With blending make sure you have a transition colour as fading into the colour will look more natural! The transition colour will make it less “patchy”


Screenshot 2020-11-13 at 19.52.46

An Example of an Eye I done

This was not drawing on Ibis paint although you could easily still do the same thing. You will be able to see that in between light and dark blue I have put a “middle” Blue colour for the transition/mid tone to change “lightly”

I am not a Profesional this what I just find helpful/useful to know

!These pictures are not mine all found on google APART from the one I drew which is the eye!

I hope this helps in some way or another :blob_hearts:

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Thank youuu!! :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

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No problem! :blob_sun:

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