Question about filters

Do you like them or you prefer stories with no filters? I am contemplating whether to keep the filter or not.


I dont like them. Idky I just dont.
The only time I 'like them" is if your trying to make the scene a little dim.

yeah i like them. but not in every story. i like them only when the story is trying to give a certain vibe and a lot of times the correct filter helps


Honestly I’m looking for pastel filters for my new story, and maybe some different coloured ones. I tried to make them but it just looks too light or too heavy :confused:

I mean if you are doing a scene at night that would need a filter so the character in actually in the darkness rather than placed on it. I think you should and it can make your story more aesthetically pleasing. Filters are really useful and are good to use but I like when you make the filter yourself in the portal instead of using the pre-made ones as it looks better in my opinion and I like messing around with the filters in the previewer. :shushing_face:


Does anybody know how to make a blue-colored filter? I’m writing my first story and I sat for a long time trying to make my filter “blue” but it always just came out in a pink and green colored filter instead.

I could really use some help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@capbrxx I recommend using the normal mode and having the hue set at a higher number (the higher the number, the more blue it is). (:

Here’s an example of what it looks like (don’t mind the white bg though:

I like filters, but when they’re really highly saturated it feels like my eyes are on fire and sometimes I get confused with stories that always use dark filters – I’m never sure of whether it’s supposed to be night or day.

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thank you so much for you help!! i really appreciate it!

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