Question about gains, ifs, and choices

So I’m pretty confused about one thing with the choices/if system. I am using a lot of gains in my story, and I was wondering if you can use gains in regular ‘choices’ and not just for ‘if/elif/else’ . I’d like to give the character the regular options, but also have the CHOICE to pick the option that they have a gain for. With if’s however, every time I use them with remembering flags, it just auto-paths to the option.
For example:

Hey do you want to know what type of fruit Billy likes?

“Yes!” {
insert scene here where bob tells you about what fruit billy likes

insert scene here where bob doesn’t tell you
“Actually I like Joe.”{
insert scene here where bob is shocked, and you still don’t find out what fruit billy likes

Then, later in the story, say a chapter later, you are trying to talk to your crush, Billy, and you chose the option “yes”, At this point, this is where I’m wondering if there’s anyway to have the OPTION to choose other options besides bringing up how he likes apples. Like, if I use an IF choice here, it will automatically route to them talking about apples rather than, say, two other options about where he works or what he does for hobbies.

scene here where you talk to billy about apples
} else {
“Where do you work?”{
scene here
}"What do you do for a hobby?{
scene here

What I would like is for the reader to have the option to press the button about apples but they could also talk to him about work or his hobby. I might put the apple option in gold to signify that it’s important, but like they don’t have to pick it if they don’t want to. As it is right now, they automatically talk to Billy about apples, and if they didn’t ask, well, it’s just the two choices which is ok.

Sorry if I made this more complicated than it needed to be by adding a fake example script but I want to explain it correctly lol. I wasn’t able to find the answer in any of the guides, maybe I didn’t look hard enough but I just decided it would be worth it to ask haha

Else is always the last in something like this.

And you have to put gain joe or something.

If you’re using gains in “regular” choices, you have to use the if/elif/else system to remember it and reference it later, even if it’s not a significant choice that impacts scenes or endings.

By making the choice and it being remembered, that is your reader essentially picking the option that they have a gain for, you’re just the one controlling what is gained and what isn’t.

You can put choices in gold to let readers know they matter / will be brought up in later scenes, but any time you use a gain, you’ll be using if/elif/else in later episode/scenes to reference it again.

And it’s always elif in the middle - you need a separate gain name for your middle choice, else is last.

Oh yeah, sorry I messed up the sample script a bit I was in a bit of a hurry, I think I get the gist of it, thanks for all the feedback everyone!

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