Question about INK

I have been seeing or reading that INK will not be on Episode app anymore. I don’t know if that’s true but sadly, I really do enjoy it and plus I am writing my first story on INK.

So the question is if someone writing their first story or new chapters in INK style. Will that be remove?

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The INK style itself isn’t being removed from the app. What they mean is there are no new assets (clothes, animations, etc.) being created for INK anymore.

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Understood but it’s a bit unfair.

Yeah, I would like to see a lot more come of INK, but Limelight is their focus now so there’s nothing we can do about it. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Classic was still on the app when INK first came into existence-it is STILL on the app. Am sure Episode wouldn’t remove INK style has that would cause a very big riot-many writer’s prefer to write in it and many people prefer to read in it; Episode’s focus is on Limelight now since it’s the newest style however ink and classic will not be removed; we all get an option to select the style we want to use.

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