Question about length


I know that this is a very subjective question, however I have to ask…

I see a lot of people talk about stories being too long or too short, What is generally a good amount of “lines” to aim to reach when writing a chapter?

In my latest story, I have about 1800 lines per chapter (approximately), but I know that this can also vary depending on how many of those lines actually make the story longer verses lines being inserted to change a layer of an overlay or something like that.

Is there a general number that us creators should be aiming for to keep readers happy?


I honestly don’t think lines are important, you could easily have thousands of lines and only 5 minutes of story. From overlays, spot directing, customization, lip/hair templates or any other number of things.

I always read out my own episode and time it, the general time people like seems to be between 10-15 minutes.


lines don’t matter


In my own opinion length of your story is very important. I would state that 1000-1500 lines would be a perfect amount. If your story is above 1500 I would consider it to be too long. If your story is shorter then 1000 then it’ll more then likely be very short.


@brvnda , @Rune.episode and @Madi thank you for the responses! The feedback is super helpful!


@Ryan if you have time to close the thread, my question has been answered!! :grinning:


yEAH, in my opinion, 1,400-1,700 lines makes the Episode 10-15 min.


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