Question about Limelight and Ink Characters


Does anyone know how I can put Limelight and Ink characters in the same story?


It’s not possible
I don’t think…


I’m reading a story that has it…



What? What story is it?


Pregnant By My Twin’s Student’s Gang Leader by J. Miley @J.Miley


I’m reading it now, maybe @Dara.Amarie or @JemU776 might help with your question


I found my answer, thank you!


Can you explain to me :joy: ?


@J.Miley actually explained it to me.


She can explain it later this evening if that’s okay?


Thank you!


No problem! Sorry I wasn’t much help…


No problem! Sorry I wasn’t either :joy:


I need to know this.


What is the difference between Limelight and Ink? I’m new forgive my dumbness


INK is an older, cartoony look that got really appreciated on Episode. It kept having new content and was the current style when Episode got pretty popular. It has more outfits, props (If I’m correct), and more stuff to costumize characters.

Limelight is a newer style by Episode. It is more realistic, with better facial expression Don’t want a fight if it’s true or not, I’m quoting the Episode Team and, If my count is right, more animations. Being new, often has critics for not having enough content and older users of Episode tend to prefer INK. INK, however, isn’t going to be update a lot (Or anything at all, from what it looks like.), while LL is getting new stuff.


How do you know which one is which?


Well, they’re really different one from each other.

Limelight style is the one used for the girl, while INK style is the one used for the male. As I said, the main difference is the more cartoony style of INK and the more realistic (“realistic”) of LL.


I mean when making the character how do you know the difference?