Question about music in different scenes

I hope someone can help me with this question.

I’ve started to use music in different scenes in the first episode of my story, and everything sounds fine on web version and runs smoothly.
BUT when i start the app, to see how it looks and sounds there, I have to update each time there are a scene change, before the music will start again.

Do any of you know if it will run smooth when I publish the story, or if it might have something to do with me putting the codes in a wrong spot? or perhaps missing something?

Thank you so much in advance, for your time.

Lmao you can NEVER trust the app previewer. It’s always glitchy for most of us here, and I would recommend trusting the website previewer, instead of the app previewer.

Here’s something I do:

Send the link (of the unpublished story) to yourself via email or something, and test it from that link, instead of the app previewer. It’s more accurate to the website previewer than the app previewer.

Thank you, I didn’t know that.

I’ve been sitting for hours, trying to make it work with that sound on the app :blush:

You are a life safer with that tip, Thanks again.

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You’re welcome!! Glad to know it helped. :kissing_heart:

If you have any more questions about sounds / music, feel free to ask me. :smile:

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Thank you.
I actually have another question, it’s not about music though, but maybe you know the answer anyway.

I have a character who walks into a bar, but she is kind of sliding in, instead of walking.
I tried putting ‘’ is walk_neutral’’ in the middle of the code and in the back. But non of them work, if I put it in the back, she walks on the spot :sweat_smile:

my code looks like this:

@pan to zone 2 in 0.0
&AMY spot 1.182 -145 12 in zone 2 THEN AMY faces right
&AMY walks to spot 1.182 147 12 in zone THEN AMY faces right AND AMY starts idle
&AMY moves to layer 2
&SOPHIE spot 1.226 -50 1 in zone 2 THEN SOPHIE faces right
&SOPHIE walks to spot 1.226 53 4 in zone 2 THEN SOPHIE faces right AND SOPHIE starts idle
&SOPHIE moves to layer 2

I removed the walk_neutral part though.
If you can’t help that just fine, I’ll create a new post :grin:

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Sliding in? Can you elaborate? If you don’t use the “walking” animations, SUCH AS

@Simila walks to spot 1.280 56 0 AND SIMILA is talk_happy (Just an example)

Then it will appear that the character isn’t walking, but doing the animation while moving to the spot, you get what I mean? (Therefore, creating the illusion that the character is sort of sliding, if that’s what you’re trying to say.) If you are looking for something else, feel free to pm me and I’ll help you further.

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It was exactly what I meant.

Thank you again for your help.
I Just had to put an ‘’@’’ instead of ‘’&’’ on one of the characters, and then use the walking animation as you said :relaxed:

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Haha, no problem! Glad to know it helped. :kissing_heart:

Also, little tip:

@ is used to make a character to an action AFTER another thing has already been done (For example, when one character is done talking / doing an action, the second one does it after the first action with @)

& is used to make a character do an action at the same time as another thing is happening. (For example, to have a character talk and have a second character do something else, do:

Hi! How’s your day?

&CHARACTER2 is idle

Notice how there’s two different lines of coding for this.)

Hope this helps you!!

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Thank you,

it can just be confusing sometimes, when you think you got it all right, then changes something and everything all of the sudden stops working.

but I guess that’s the beauty of coding :sweat_smile:

I appreciate all your help, again, thank you.

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Np! Glad to know it helped. :wink: