Question about Music

hello, was wondering if music can be faded instead of just turned off?
if so is the code similar to writing a transition?

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This will help you out. You can turn down the volume in a certain amount of seconds

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thank you this is very helpful. i find the cutoffs jarring and kind of disruptive for transitioning between scenes.

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Yeah, good point. If I bothered with music enough in my story to care more, I’d want to work on fading them out too… But I’m lazy

i love the music on this site so im kind of an addict to using it lol. really helps drive home the mood. especially in intense moments within romance and fantasy stories.

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I am too lazy to use volume for sound & music in my stories :rofl: So I just turn it off :sweat_smile:
But I really should add it in :thinking:

Can also check this site out though the above thread already answers your questions:

Good luck!


I’ll admit, on the rare occasions I have my volume up, it does usually add to the scene in a good way