Question about my script

I made a flashback scene and my character had switched outfits & hair
I want the character to switch back to the hairstyle & outfit that the reader had originally chose for them.
What should I do?

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I’m pretty new to this but I think you would have your flashback go w the hairstyle and outfit you chose for that part then you would put

@CHARACTER changes into outfit_name (change outfit_name to the name of the outfit you want them to wear)
@CHARACTER changes hair into straight (or whatever the name of the hairstyle is you want)

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I’d recommend using “previews” and “unpreviews” instead of “changes into”


Thank you. I’ve actually tried this before my story is in the style INK and it didn’t work. Is this only for limelight ?

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OMG it is the first time I hear about “previews” and “unpreviews” command!!!

LOL I wonder how much I still do not know?:smiley:

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No, it works for both styles

Oh God I never knew that was possible! Thank you so much!

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