Question about my story?


Hello everyone! I have a question about the story I’m planning. It involves seven friends (previously 8) who go on a cross country road trip all in the name of having a good summer. I’m very new, but I have a ton of ideas I just want to get out there. I know it’ll be hard anyway just based on the sheer amount of characters to code, but should I ditch it for a simpler/more straightforward idea? :thinking:


Sounds like a great idea, but maybe it’ll be easier with less main characters? I’d hate to be coding 7 MC each episode lol. Unless the 7 friends are really crucial to your plot, that is


Yeah, I think you’re right. I know I can cut back a few characters, it would probably be the best choice anyway. Thanks!:orange_heart:


If you want to do something do it! :muscle: